Pendulums Powerful Predictors, Detectors

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Pendulums are powerful dowsing tools used for centuries to find water, minerals and lost objects.  They are also used by healers to find troubled areas in the body.  They are fun to play with!  First hold it up to your heart and imagine filling it with love. Next, let it dangle from your hand, holding it at the end or wrapping the chain around your finger.  Ask it to tell you which way is yes, say stop.  Then ask it which was is no, say stop.  Ask it which way is I don't know.  You now know which way it will swing to answer your question.  Now you can ask the questions you long to know the answers to!  Caution: Don't ask the same question too many times as your pendulum may grow tired and start to play around.  Use it to find lost objects.  It's fun!

Free drawstring bag with every pendulum purchase!