Shungite Pyramid Protect, Detoxify, EMF Protection

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From Russia, this power stone is known for its purifying properties.  It can dispel negative, dysfunctional patterns and energies by vibrating on a molecular level.  The pyramid shape amplifies its properties by drawing negative energy in through the point and spreading it out through the base.  It is also a stone of truth. It's gentle vibration encourages one to be truthful.  Shungite provides cleansing and purification vibrations in any environment it resides in.  Shungite is powerful when placed next to anything with an electromagnetic field, absorbing the unwanted energy that can alter our own EMF frequency. Black candles are burned to absorb negativity, as does shungite's black color assist in purifying and cleansing your sacred space. 

Chakra: All

Elements: Fire, Wind, Storm

Astrology Sign: Cancer

Height: 5.5 in.

Base: 3 in. X 3 in.

This stone is polished.