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Raw Selenite Wand Clearing, Cleansing

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Selenite is a spiritual stone of activation. It aids in helping one commune with the Higher Self, spirit guides and angels.

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th - 14th)

Element: Wind

Astrology sign: Taurus

The intensity of this stone for the upper chakras is greater than almost any stone. It is known to clear blockages, induce inner alignment and facilitate healing. Selenite will help with auric cleansing and spiritual attunement.

May use during meditation to amplify your experience. Use it to clear your crystals, wands and other stones. May also be used to clear your own or other's auric field by passing it through the aura. This stone vibrates! 

You will receive one raw selenite wand.  Dimensions are approximate.

Length: 8 - 10 in.

Width: 1 - 2 in.


Free spiritual meaning included with each stone.