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Large Smoky Quartz Bowl Offering Altar Display

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Beautiful smoky quartz bowl.  Use for display, altar or offering bowl.  This weighs over 4 lbs. 


Smoky quartz is a wonderful stone of grounding.  It can also assist with manifestation of dreams.  It also alters negative energy, changing or deactivating the negativity.

Chakra: Root (1st)

Element: Earth

Astrology Sign: Capricorn, Scorpio

The smoky coloring in this quartz is wonderful. Smoky quartz is very good at changing negative energies in infinite quantities!  Best known for its grounding qualities, it can ground both physically and spiritually.  It can draw entities into your conscious awareness.  Great for your altar when meditating!

This bowl weighs 4lb. 3 oz. or 1900 grams.  It is 7.5 in. long, 5 in. at its widest and 3 in. tall.