Green Aventurine Necklace Pendant Good Luck

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You just aren't lucky?  This green aventurine necklace might be just the thing to change things for you!  Set in sterling silver, it glistens with flecks of mica.  Going to the casino?  Give it a try, it might just be what you need to attract the jackpots!  I can't guarantee it, but I have had some personal success wearing green aventurine during my casino nights out.

This stone is encased in silver with an open back, allowing the energy to flow through to you.  This includes the 18 inch cable chain with lobster clasp.  Teardrop design is beautiful.

Green aventurine is a stone of growth, bringing confidence and vitality to however possesses it.  Blessings and good fortune will follow you!

Chakra:  Heart

Element:  Wind

Zodiac sign: Virgo