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About Us

One day you just all of a sudden wake up.  Everything but nothing has changed and it is all different.  This is the best description I can give of my journey!  After raising my family and spending 30 years as a Registered Nurse, I have returned to myself and to my roots.  When I was four years old I remember seeing people in my bedroom at night.  They would often just look at me.  I knew they wanted something but I was too young and often too scared to ask them why they were there!  When a relative would die, I would see them. Those were always wonderful visits.  Those did not always happen at night.  It all was something I did not speak of.  Who would believe me?  My mother started teaching me the pendulum when I was about 8 years old.  I was fascinated.  We had so much fun with it!  As I grew through my teens I played with Tarot, I Ching, astrology and read many books on the paranormal and psychic phenomenon.   Many of my school papers reflected a metaphysical theme. I loved watching Kreskin, Sylvia Brown and hearing the Jean Dixon predictions.  I loved rocks.  I had many rocks I would pick up and hide away in my drawers.  They just felt good!

You grow older, life happens and you get caught up in all that means.   I started the grown up journey of college, Master's Degree, family, job and the distractions they bring.  The things that brought you joy as a child fade away to be replaced by responsibilities.

Crescent Moon Spiritual Goods is my coming home to what brought me joy as a child and young adult.  Realizing that life goes by quickly, I left my nursing career and started a thrift store in Rifle, Colorado where I had lived for many years.  Then a friend took me to the Denver Rock & Gem show.  All the joy, all the positive energy, all the memories came flowing back to me.  Crescent Moon started as one counter in that thrift store after going to that rock show.  Then one synchronicity after another started to occur.  As we know, nothing happens by chance.  Crescent Moon was a calling.  More and more people started to visit my little store.  The one counter grew to take up nearly half the store!  A thrift store and metaphysical store, I know strange combination!  At least we had the tools to remove the attachments that came into the store!  People would come into my store just because it "felt so good".  When the lease ended we closed the thrift store and moved Crescent Moon to its new location right on the main road when you come into town.

Crescent Moon Spiritual Goods is my love.  We provide tools and encouragement for all those who seek Spirit.  It is for those who want to understand more about and use the energy that surrounds us.  We hope that this site "feels good" to you just like our brick and mortar store in Rifle.  I hand pick the stones and crystals, provide the spiritual meanings with them and am dedicated to teaching about spiritual practices.  If there is something you would to see hear please let me know.  I provide Lenormand card readings at the store.  Just contact me if you would like to have a remote reading!  If you are near our location in Colorado stop by and see us. Heather works with me.  It is wonderful to employ someone who loves the store as much as I do, and she does!  Crescent Moon Spiritual Goods isn't just a store, its a feeling.  You'll see what I mean when you walk in the door.

Remember, you are the power to create your own reality! 

Tamara Degler